fuck life.

fuck you. fuck everything you've said. fuck everything you've done. you can never make someone happy until you're happy. you'll never be happy until you make someone happy. you will never ever be happy. you can't get any closer to happiness. you will never feel happier than what you feel right now. you have destroyed one life purposely. your life will be destroyed. your life is destroyed. you are nothing but ruins of your dream and you will never get it back again. fuck you. fuck your thoughts. fuck your words. your words are meaningless. you're not smart. you're not a writer. you're not an artist. you are nothing. and you will never be anything. i hope you get stabbed at night and died slowly in one empty street, drowning in your own blood. i wish you tripped from the bus and get run by a truck and your brain splattered on the hot asphalt one day. fuck you. the world is not revolved around you. you're just a spoiled arrogant irritating brat. may you rot in life and hell.